Renowned Peruvian Chefs Filled New York with Flavor at the 8th Peru to the World Expo 2019 Where the Top Peruvian Chef Association Was Created


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NEW YORK, SEPT 26 – With the Metropolitan Pavilion as a large and luxurious setting, in the heart of New York, the 8th Peru to the World Expo 2019 (PTWE) was successfully held last Sunday, September 22.

Gastronomy experts were impressed with the organization of the activity and agreed to qualify it as the best culinary and Peruvian products exhibition in the world.

PTWE 2019 was attended by the Consul of Peru in New York, Ambassador Marita Landaveri, who was recognized for her extraordinary work in the promotion of Peruvian culture, accompanied by important celebrities such as the “Pisco Ambassador” Johnny Schuler, the surgeon Dr. Otto Cedrón and Antonella Bertello, among others.


Once again, important companies – such as Goya Foods, Inca Foods and others – offered their support for PTWE 2019 with the exhibition of packaged Peruvian products, adorned with an applauded artistic dance and song show that was enjoyed by a large audience.


The expo also served as a framework for the first World Summit of Peruvian Chefs, which was enhanced with the participation of important personalities from international cuisine such as former White House Chef, Bill Yosses, and renowned David Burke, Franco Noriega and Flavio Solórzano among our distinguished chefs.


Also, PTWE 2019 served as a “showcase to the world” for Peruvian regional cuisine that showed off this time with the “Rocoto Filleno” by Benita Quicaño, from Arequipa; the “Rice with Duck and Loche”, by Agustín Jordan, of Lambayeque; the “Tacu Tacu with Seafood Sauce”, by Miguel Córdova, from Barranca, the “Ceviche de Pato con Ají Arnaucho”, by Dora Pineda, from Huacho; and other delicacies.


Added to this, there were amazing “fusion dishes” such as “Paella con Ají Amarillo” by Spanish chef Diego De la Rosa, or “Sushi con quinoa” by chef Guillermo Wong. And you could not miss the delicious “Anticuchos” and “Picarones” of the restaurant “Mixtura Grill” in Paterson.


More than 50 chefs that arrived from Peru and from different parts of the United States had the opportunity to showcase their exquisite recipes, which were appreciated by demanding palates from different countries.


The Peruvian lawyer and singer based in Canada, Felipe Alberto, acted as Master of Ceremonies and presented the renowned choreographer Cinthya Paniagua, along with the talented Dayán Aldana, the folkloric ballet of the Chavez Brothers, to culminate later with his own musical participation. The Pukllay Cultural Group participated with an impressive parade of typical dresses from different regions of Peru.


He also announced the recognition of the personalities present and all the participating chefs.


PTWE 2019 was also the scene to show off the Peruvian blueberry, whose export broke a record in 2018, with an increase of 57%. It was through an original Pisco cocktail competition and this Peruvian “superfood”, which was won by Christian Asca, representing Pisco 100.


The backdrop for this event could not be better to announce at this event, the Top Peruvian Chefs Association, on the initiative of Melvi Dávila, founding president of PTWE, and chefs Flavio Solórzano, Danny Kou, Javier Flórez, Nilton Mori, Yuki Nakandakari and Guillermo Wong, with their commitment and  mission of increasing the worldwide praised Peruvian cuisine more and more.


Dávila thanked the support offered by the Mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, as well as the Peruvian authorities and the general public, which made PTWE 2019 a new and celebrated success in New York, the Capital of the World.


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