A Celebration of Peruvian Cuisine, Culture and Successful Peruvians Around the World

Peru to the World Expo is the first annual U.S. event and business initiative that showcases the country’s culinary excellence to the world. 

For the seventh consecutive year, Peru has been named South America’s Leading Culinary Destination by the World Travel Awards (WTA), the world’s most prestigious travel awards program. 

The support of Goya FoodsUSIL San Ignacio University, and The Office of the Mayor of New York City has been instrumental in the growth of the event, which is now considered the most important international Peruvian event in New York City. This year, the Expo has been relocated to a larger venue and is expected to host over 1500 attendees.


We are extremely grateful to also have the support of The Embassy of Peru in Washington D.C.PromPeruOCEX NY and The Peruvian General Consulate of New York


The Expo welcomes and encourages the attendance of U.S. importers, entrepreneurs, trade associations, buyers, and distributors interested in generating connections with Peruvian gastronomic and agricultural industries.