Blueberry Cocktail Competition

An unforgettable Blueberry Cocktail Competition where our Top Chefs and their teams will compete to bring to the audience the best Blueberry Cocktail of the day! Don’t miss this!

Peruvian Blueberries: The Most Flavorful Blueberries in the World.

See for yourself a breathtaking Peru farm and learn how Peruvians grow the most flavorful blueberries in the world.

Media Coverage

Peru produces more and better blueberries

Peru’s current blueberry campaign is generating very good expectations. Producers even expect it will help the south of the country generate a fruit brand with characteristics that should be higher than the ones achieved in the rest of Peru….

Peru reshaping the U.S. blueberry market

Riding on the coattails of my previous Blueberries in Charts article, I wanted to take a closer look at Peru as it begins its fourth year as an important player in the U.S. market.

Peru: Peruvian Blueberry Production Blooming

Blueberries now are Peru’s third most valuable fresh fruit export, an impressive leap from virtually nothing less than five years ago. The U.S. is Peru’s main blueberry export market.